Demand Side Platform

Media buyers

Media buyers will definitely appreciate OXONUX’s outstanding impressions across all platform and media. We make the job of finding the best deal for you a breeze because our system allows us to patch you to the perfect audience.

OXONUX gives you smart solutions to buy inventory at your convenience. It is fully-automated, so your potential ad space is only just a click away. We handle your bidding and purchasing on the ad exchange, all in real-time.

One-stop Control. Our Demand Side Platform allows our users to optimize based on eCPM. Our interface allows for multiple functions such as ad serving, tracking and optimizing, giving our advertising clients full control of their ads.

Demand Side Platform
Media Buyers

Global impact. Our wide inventory set by various demand partners span a worldwide reach. Enjoy billions of impressions per month per platform.

Transparency. With the control given to advertisers in pricing, goals and budgets that translate to higher outcomes are set. OXONUX provides a digital solution to cut your costs, saving up to 30% of ad allocation.

Comprehensive targeting and reporting. We tailor ad placements based on the demographic and purchasing pattern of the user. We also offer a vivid presentation of figures via traffic statistics.