We give advertisers

We give advertisers the edge to market their brands based on customer behavior. Save time calculating your fees and negotiating to a publisher because our Ad exchange, white label and DSP work to make sure you are reaching the right audience at the right time.

Our integrated RTB and MarketPlace

Our integrated RTB and MarketPlace functions open up a host of opportunities to advertisers. We give you access to a wider inventory across more sites and give you user-specific impressions. With OXONUX, your impressions would not go to waste.

OXONUX can help you choose the perfect audience for you. Win any auction that matches your brand. This is what we promise advertisers—time-bound and highly efficient service only we can provide.

We can help you reach the global market with our largest ad exchanges. We guarantee your ads placement to the best and most appropriate site that can increase your ad income and improve your brand image. Our system helps you target audiences that are difficult to reach, such as millenials, expectant mothers, and more.

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